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  • The type of foundation has been defined based on the geotechnical test and the design idea of the block of houses, by foundation slab or footings and walls of reinforced concrete basement of resistance and adequate characteristics according to the EHE and the CTE in force.
  • The structure of the block of houses is made by reticular slabs on reinforced concrete pillars, and / or metal.
  • An independent technical control body (OCT) will guarantee the perfect execution of the structure and foundation, which is also be covered by insurance for a period of ten years.
  • Half foot of perforated brick, 4 cm insulation with rock wool (ROCKWOOL system or similar), and backing of plasterboard system on metal structure of galvanized steel profiles and uprights, insulated with 4 cm mineral wool. (details in partitions plan)

The passable terraces will be inverted type, guaranteeing better insulation and waterproofing; they will be composed of non-slipping porcelain stoneware class 3, lightweight concrete layer for the formation of slopes, impermeable barrier formed by double asphaltic sheet reinforced with 4 kg / m2 elastomeric bitumen, 120 g / m2 geotextile felt, protective mortar layer.

In case the terrace is in contact with a living space, in addition to the previous description, it will be thermally insulated, consisting of a 6 cm thick extruded polystyrene plane under the flooring.

The non-passable flat roofs will be the same, except for the finish that will be in gravel.

The non-passable ventilated inclined roofs will be composed of flat tiles of color to be choosen by the DF, on battens, protective mortar, waterproof barrier formed by asphaltic fabric assembled with 4 kg / m2 elastomeric bitumen, machiembrado ceramic board supported on brick scrapers , ventilated air chamber, thermal insulation of extruded polystyrene rigid plates e = 6 cm and density 32 kg / m3 of smooth surface and vapor barrier of HDPE high density polyethylene film 3 mm thick.

The ventilation ducts and the extension of the downpipes for their ventilation will stand out on the roof.

The collection of rainwater will be done with protected PVC collectors.

For the design of the façade, they have been designed with white waterproof mortar projected in 2 layers with a white paint finish that is the main finish of the building.

The exterior enclosure will be formed by a 1/2 foot brick perforated nasturtium, covered with hydrophobic mortar on the inside, insulation with 6 cm rock wool, air chamber and wall tile with double hollow ceramic brick wall of 9, gypsum plaster, screened and finished with smooth white plastic paint.

Special attention will be paid for the elimination of thermal bridges with the structure.

Breastplates of blind terraces, will be formed by 1 foot of plastered brick on both sides and painted in white. On top of it, limestone 3 cm thick, with formation of dripper on both sides.

The glass breastplates, received on aluminum profiles, with elastic waterproof joint, prepared to receive laminated glass 10 + 10


  • The walls of the Hall, living room, corridors and bedrooms will be finished with light-colored smooth plastic.
  • The bathrooms are tiled with rectified first quality porcelain tiles, brand PORCELANOSA, APARICI, KERABEN or similar, in all their height and perimeter with a studied design that turn them into authentic luxury rooms.
  • The kitchens, between the fronts of lower and upper cupboards, will be finished in quartz or similar, identical to that of the worktop.
  • The laundries will not be tiled, as they form part of the plastered facade.
  • The false ceiling will made with plaster panels, suspended from profiles, at different heights, in all rooms, to facilitate the passage of the facilities as well as lighting elements. To increase the acoustic insolution of the house.
  • In the case of the bathrooms, there Will have registrable areas executed in site, with plasterboard with hidden profile and activated by opening spring for registration and the machine maintenance.
  • In the outdoor area, the false ceilings are made with Portland cement slabs with weather protection suspended from metal profiles at different heights.
  • The different rooms will have custom designed curtain or shutters and defined in projects by the facultative management.
  • The floor of the large-format porcelain floor covering 60 x 60 cm or more, PORCELANOSA, APARICI, KERABEN or similar brand, to choose, lacquered skirting in plain white high-rise.
  • Anti-impact sheet will be placed on the entire floor of the house as long as it is separating two living floors.
  • In terraces, the same material is chosen as in interiors, with the exception that it will be with a degree of class 3 slip, with a natural finish and texture.
  • The walls of hall, lounge, corridors and bedrooms will be finished with smooth plastic paint of light color.
  • The bathrooms are tiled with rectified porcelain tile of the highest quality, brand PORCELANOSA, APARICI, KERABEN or similar, in all its height and perimeter with a studied design that turn them into authentic luxury stays.
  • The kitchens, between the fronts of inferior and superior cupboards, will be finished in quartz or similar, identical to that of the counter-top.
  • The false ceilings will be made with plasterboard plasterboard, suspended from metal profiles at different heights, in all rooms, to facilitate the passage of the facilities as well as lighting, decoration elements, and increase the acoustic insulation of the house.
  • In the case of the bathrooms, they will have registrable zones executed in site, with plasterboard plasterboard with hidden profile and operated by opening dock for registration and maintenance of the machinery.
  • In outdoor areas, the false ceilings will be made with Portland cement plates with weather protection suspended from metal profiles at different heights,
  • The different rooms will have custom designed curtains or blinds and defined in project by the facultative direction.
  • The main bathroom will be provide, according to typology, with counter-top wash basins, made in measure, White vitrified porcelain toilets, as well as a large format shower tray and/or bathtub, ROCA Brand or similar to that quality.
  • The secondary bathroom is equipped with washbasin integrated into a modern design unit, a White porcelain vitrified toilet and a shower tray from Roca Brand or similar. All fittings are Chrome-plate with single-lever actuator and water-saving valves from Hansgrohe Brand or similar. In the shower or the bath in the main bathroom, the faucets will be thermostatic.
  • The kitchen, which has been designed with maximum attention to functionality, is provided with high and low cabinet with high gloss finish and 2 colors to choose from, with modern shapes and horizontal lines.
  • The worktop is made of quartz or a similar material, in a different color that contrast with the furniture and with a built-in Steel sink.
  • The electrical appliance equipment includes: extractor Hood, induction hob, electric oven, microwave, dishwasher and fridge with stainless Steel finish and low-flow single-lever faucets with a modern design.
  • General installation of solar energy collection for the production of sanitary hot water and promote energy saving. In addition, an aerothermal heat pump is also included to complement the DHW installation.
  • For the air conditioning, the above mentioned aerothermal heat pump, cold-hot air of the brand DAIKIN ALTHERMA or similar, with distribution through ducts with supply and return grilles, with temperature control by thermostat located in the main room and manual regulation of the diffusers of each room.
  • Thermodynamic system is used to cover the demand for hot water required by regulations.

A mechanical system with integrated aerators will be used. The wet cores will remove air with the extractors placed on the deck.

  • The cold and hot water plumbing installations are resolved with Wirsbo Pex type cross-linked polyethylene pipes, or similar, on false ceiling and embedded in vertical lines, thermally insulated with hot water, according to current regulations. General cut-off valve for the house, as well as in kitchens, bathrooms and toilet, made of material resistant to all types of corrosion, no calcareous residues are produced on its walls, does not modify the properties of the water and has a low conductivity coefficient, which reduces its caloric losses.
  • In order to avoid leaks, bad smell or noise, the wastewater evacuation is carried out with an integral PVC system.
  • The network of drains will be made of double-layer PVC pipes and sound-proof downspouts. They will be carried out independently of the structure, reducing the transmission of noise from the house
  • The The electrical installation in the home is carried out in compliance with the Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulation, with sufficient degree of electrification according to each dwelling, to satisfy the necessary power.
  • The rooms have flat design mechanisms in top quality white color. The terraces are equipped with a waterlight electrical outlet and Wall lights.
  • All rooms, including separate kitchens, have telephone and TV connection, except in bathrooms.
  • The telecommunication installation will be carried out in accordance with the new Regulation of Common
  • Telecommunications Infrastructures. This includes as an additional infrastructure in the buildings the integrated services digital network,  optical fiber and coaxial cable, to make it easier for users the Access to telephony, broadband and television services.
  • The video intercom with camera is available to open the access door. The main protection panels of each dwelling have automatic reset in the independent differential of the refrigeration circuit, for operation in case of prolonged absences.
  • Pre-installation of alarm in the housing. Pre-installation of domotics in all homes.
  • The electric mechanisms will be of the model LS 990 of JUNG in white or NIESSEN model SKY, or similar.
  • All the points of light of the house will be downlight led type.


  • The exterior carpentry is made of aluminum lacquered in a color defined by the DF, with thermal bridge breakage. The double glazing with dehydrated inner air chamber significantly reduces the exchange of cold-hot energy, ensuring a good interior comfort, energy efficiency and improvement of the building’s thermal envelope. In the living rooms, the access doors to the terraces will be of large sliding type, according to the project, to enjoy the views and the luminosity of the houses to the maximum.
  • Glasses will have the following characteristics according to rooms:
    • In living rooms and bedrooms: 3 + 3 + 14 + 4 + 4
    • In rest: 6 + 14 + 6 And solar factor of 0,65.
  • The main bedrooms have motorized blinds.
  • Swimming pools with saline electrolysis purification (salt water) that avoids the excessive use of chlorine, with very low maintenance with bubble area and another children’s pool. Automatic purification system with automatic filling and emptying control. Finished in vitrified mosaic.
  • False ceiling with indirect light ceiling ​​LED’s, illumination with presence detectors.
  • Led spotlight integrated in the ceiling.
  • Gym with machinery, sauna and changing room with shower and toilet
  • Social room for residents decorated and furnished
  • Landscaped areas with drip irrigation system with Xeriscape and native species for the care of the environment, including a Zen garden, and decorative lighting with LED technology lamps.
  • Thinking about security, the urbanization is completely closed, with a single pedestrian entrance and access control from a security checkpoint by means of a closed circuit TV, also included for vehicle entrances.
  • The enclosure of the residential one is resolved with masonry wall and glazed railing in homes, to avoid the “cage” effect and not to obstruct the views.
  • Landscaped areas with irrigation system and natives species for the environmental care, including decorative lighting with LED technology lamps.
  • Plot totally closed with blind and diaphanous elements to be designed by the designer, with lighting both in pedestrian access and the garage, Access with low energy consumption lamp of LED technology.
  • Outside pavements of interlocked concrete blocks.
  • The locks for the common accesses of the building are master-locked, allowing the use of a single key to access all of them.
  • Inside the portals we find a careful combination of materials such as large-format flooring, natural finishes and organic shapes, which together with a selection of design and lighting details, gives them a luxurious space for access to homes.
  • The locks for the common accesses of the building are master-locked, allowing the use of a single key to access all of them.
  • The lifts will be electric, with automatic cabin doors, overload detection and telephone connection. With capacity for six people and automatic doors, suitable for use by people with reduced mobility. With energy saving system and steel finishes with LCD on all floors except the basement which are painted. OTIS brand or similar.
  • The residential has a garage for vehicle access with automatic door operated by remote control and controlled by CCTV security. From the apartments you access the garage and storage rooms directly from the elevator, through the lobby.
  • The flooring is finished in quartz polished concrete.
  • The garages are equipped with natural and forced ventilation, detection and control of monoxide, mobile fire extinguishers led lighting in all space, including emergency ones.
  • Each apartment has its own storage room and garage.